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Events are only confirmed if printed evidence is available, i.e.. Magazine, Advert, Ticket, Poster etc. or if verified by two independent sources. Internet sourced dates are not classed as evidence due to errors being copied from site to site.
All acts are listed exactly as they appeared in the advert.
It will be noted that in the early years, some of the more famous bands had differing names and may have been lower on the bill. This usually means that they were, as yet, relatively unknown.
Additional information and corrections to this list are more than welcomed.

All the gigs and events at the California Ballroom during 1964

Date Valid Link Event Comments

The Downliners Sect
First professional gig played under this name
2 Wrestling

The Fortunes
Allan and the Diamonds
Just Six
Adm. 5/-

Shane Fenton and the Fentones
Neil Landon and the Burnettes
The Lionhearts
Adm 6/6

The Undertakers
Allen Dean and his Problems
Hurricane Henry and the Shriekers
Mashed Potato Night Adm 5/-
Rocking Henry and the Hayseeds
Bern Elliott and the Fenmen
The Classmates
Hayseed Rock Night Adm 6/6
17 The Merseybeats
Vern Rodgers and the Rebounds
The 004 and
"We think of you" Adm 5/-
18 The Sole Messengers
The Druids
The Apex Group with Jo-Anne
"1964 and more" Adm 6/6
24 The Fleereckers
Johnny Milton and the Condors
The Plus Fours
"Dynamic Combustion" Adm 5/-
25   Rolling Stones
Johnny Mike and the Shades
The Crescendos
"Rhythm and Blues" Adm 10/-
31 Russ Sainty and the Nu-Notes
Johnny Dev and the "G" Men
The Vibratones
"Nitty Gritty Rhythm" Adm 5/-
Feb 1 The Kubas
The Moquetts
The Classics
"A New Technique" Adm 6/6
7 The Original Allstars 
with Pete Best
The Flintstones
Bryan and the Hangmen
"Big Beat Night" Adm 5/-
8 Jemini & Attard (The other two)
Brian Diamond and the Cutters
The Limelights
The Stilettos
"By popular demand" Adm 6/6

Screaming Lord Sutch
Ricky Temple and the Minutemen
Rod Marshall and the Deputies
St Valentines Special Adm. 5/6
15 Dusty Springfield with the Echos
The Barron Knights and Duke D'Mond
Eleanor and the Sapphires
The Excalibures
Rocket Hit Parade numbers Adm.10/-
21 The Original Checkmates
Rod & Caroline with the Solitaires
The Crystals
All Star Night Adm.5/-
22 The Nu-Notes
The Chants
The Harlems
Jimmy Mac and the Beatfinders
Big Beat Night Adm.6/6
27 Wrestling
28 Me and Them
The Cherokees
The Five Tornadoes
The Sceptres
'1 hour many steps with you' Adm 5/-
29 Freddie and the Dreamers
Johnny Milton and the Condors
The Karnells
'Prior to his tour' Adm 12/6
Mar 6 The Eagles
Eddie Langdon Group
Bridgitte Bond
Roy Starr and the Cherokees
'Come flying tonight' Adm. 5/-
7 Brian Poole and the Tremeloes
The Rockin Berries
The original Caravelles
Bryan and the Hangmen
'It's candy night' Adm. ?


The Denisons
The Marauders
The Planets
'Out of this world' Adm. 5/6
14 The Mojos
Johnny Washington & the Congressmen
Sonny with the Stylos
20 Peter Jay and the Jaywalkers
The Redcaps
Troy Dante & the Infernos
The Mark Leeman Five
'By popular request' Adm. 6/-
21 The Rattles from West Germany
The Hi-Fi
The Falcons
Adm. 6/6
25 The Undertakers (Just a little bit)
The Clearways
The Outcasts
Adm ? (Wednesday)
27 Bingo Adm 2/6
28 Mike Berry & the Innocents
Mike Sheridan & the Nightriders
Rel Jason & the Blue Stars
Johnny Kays The Cossacks
Adm 6/6
30 The Paramounts
The Puppets
Margo and the Marvelettes
'Holiday Special' Adm 6/-
Apr 3 Kenny Lynch & Group
The Ramblers
Barry Noble and the Sapphires
The Fugitives
Screaming & Shouting Night Adm. 6/6
4 Tony Meehan Combo 
The Cherokees
The Detours
The Stormbreakers
Song of Mexico Night Adm 7/-
10 Jackie Lynton
Brian Diamond and the Cutters
Talking About You Night Adm 5/-
11 The Barron Knights featuring Duke D'Mond
Rodger Lavern (The Great Organist) from the Tornados
The Microns
Cliff Adam
Return Knight Adm 6/6d
14 Joe Brown and the Bruvvers
The Fortunes
The Hide-a-ways
The Warriors
The Return of Joe Adm. 10/-
17 Grant Tracey and the Sunsets
Lee Paris and the L.P.s
Dave Davani and the D Men
Wayne Dean and the Telstars
By Popular Request Adm 5/-
18 Georgie Fame and the Blue Flames
Tony Holland and the Pack-A-Beats
Chris Farlow and the Thunderbirds
The Renegades
All Star Night Adm. 7/-
23 Wrestling
24 Cliff Bennett and the Rebel Rousers
The Hustlers
Ultra Mod Numbers Adm 5/-
25 Julie Rodgers - Glamorous Recording Star
Teddy Foster - Golden Trumpeter
Scene One
Ken Gordon and the Downsiders
It's Magic Night Adm 6/6
May 1 Pat Wayne and the Beachcombers
The Stilettos
Bryan and the Hangmen
All Star Programme Adm 5/-
2 The Four Pennies
The Whackers
Johnny Gold and the Mavericks
The Niteshades
Popular Parade Adm 7/-
8 Johnny Milton and the Condors
Grant Tracey and the Sunsets
Eddie King and the Chequers
Return Visit Adm 5/-
9 Mike Hurst and the Methods
Peter's Faces
Little Will and the Valiants
Top Parade Night Adm 7/-
15 The Corvettes
The Rebounds
The Apex R&B Allstars
Super Sound Night Adm 5/-
16 Kathy Kirby
The Nobles
The Johnny Gold and the Mavericks
The Fab Star Adm 8/6d
18 The Tornados
Linda Doll
The City Sounds
In New Hits Adm. 5/-
21 Wrestling tonight
23 Manfred Mann
Wayne Gibson and the Dynamic Sounds
The Milestones
5-4-3-2-1 Night Adm. 8/-
24 The Barron Knights featuring Duke D'Mond
Tony Cheverton and the Shevelles
The Raveons
Knights and Ghost Knight Adm. 5/-
29 The Fleerekers
The Sundowners
Eddie Falcon and the Fournotes
R&B Special Adm 5/-
30 The Plus Four featuring Erkey Grant
Dave Curtis and the Tremors
Ian Taylor and The Condors
Tele Personalities Adm 6/6
Jun 5 Johnny Kidd and the Pirates
The Incas with Lyn Barrie
Beat Six
Always & Forever Adm 6/-
6 The Fortunes
The Stilettos
The Argonauts
Fame & Fortune Night Adm 6/6
12 King Size Taylor and the Dominos
The original Four Caravelles
Fernando and the Hide-a-ways
 R&B Special Adm 5/-
13 Big Dee Irwin backed by Blues by Five
The Zephers
Eleanor & the Sapphires
Straight from the USA Adm 7/6
19 Micky Finn and the Blue Men
The Spectrum Five
The ???????
Mod Mod Night Adm 5/-
20 The Chants & The Harlems
Mal Ryder and the Spirits
The Chequers
Direct from The "Beatles Show" Adm 6/6
This was listed as Mels Ryder
26 The Federals
The Caravelles with The Chimes
The Sinners with Lynda Lane
All Star Night Adm 5/-
27 The Other Two & The Preachers
Danny & the Torinos
The Vivas
Top Dance Night
Jul 3 The Interns
Danny Burns & the Phantoms
The Cavaliers
Top Pop Night Adm 5/-
4 Russ Sainty and the Nu-Notes
Zoot Money's Big Roll Band
Terry Judge and the Barristers
All Hit Night Adm 6/6
10 The Barron Knights featuring Duke D'Mond
Straight from Ready Steady Go
Ready, Come on Adm 5/-
11 The Rockin Berries
The Preachers
The Classics
All Sorts Night Adm 6/6
17 The Searchers
The German Bonds
The Puppets
Scoop Number 1 Adm 8/6
18 Brian Poole and the Tremeloes
Brian Howard & the Silhouettes
The Hustlers
Scoop Number 2 Adm 8/6
24 Eden Kane and the Downbeats
Shane and the Shane Gang
The Tempos
Eden Returns Adm 5/-
25 Bobby Christo and the Rebels
Scene One
Alan Clarke and the Karnells
All Star Night Adm 6/6 The advert says: P J Proby has not been booked.
31 The Migil Five
Freddie Fingers Lee & the Shriekers
The Phantoms
Mockin Bird Hill Adm 5/-
Aug 1 The Red Caps
The Fairies
The Deltics
Talking About You Adm 6/6
3 By popular request.....
Ornamental sun terraces,
Swimming Pool and Ballroom
Big Bank Holiday Monday Adm 3/-
7 The Pretty Things
Johnny Kaye & the Kossacks
Brent Peters and the Chessmen
Big Beat Night Adm 5/-
8 The Barron Knights featuring Duke D'Mond
The Rattling Bones
Mike Dean & The Kinsmen
Call up the Knights Adm 7/-
14 The Undertakers
The Washington D.C.'s
The Homelanders
By Request Adm 5/-
15 The Fenmen
Johnny Milton & The Condors 
The Apollos
Home Again Adm 6/6
21 Lulu and the Luvvers
Ancient Britons
The Invaders
Shout Adm 6/-
22 The Animals
The Downsiders
Johnny Kaye and the Kossacks
From the No. 1 Spot Adm 7/6
28 The Dennisons
Bryan & the Hangmen
Lyn Foster & the Avengers
Walkin' the Dog Adm 5/-
29 Burn Elliot & the Clan
Diane & the Londoners
Johnny Gold & the Mavericks
Money Adm 7/-
Sep 04 The Chants & the Harlems
The Cherokees
The Cavaliers
Hot Rhythm Night Adm 5/-
05 The Rustics
Rocking Henry & the Haystacks
The Chequers
See and Drink Thee Adm. 6/6d
10 Wrestling
11 The Contrasts
Brian Diamond and the Cutters
Top Beat Night Adm 5/-
12 McKinleys & Sound of Echoes
Cliff Adams and the Twilights
Georgie and the Rave ons
Big Beat Night Adm 6/6
18 Big Dee Irwin backed by Blues by Five
The Plus Fours with Erkey Grant
Little Will and the Valiants
Top Beat Night Adm 5/-
19 The Pickwicks
Peter's Faces
plus supporting group
Big Beat Night Adm 6/6
24 Wrestling
25 The Applejacks
The Moquets
The Classmates
Big Beat Night Adm. 6/6
26 Lee Stirling and the Bruisers
The Wackers
Sonny Childs and the Elders Consolidated
Hot Dance Night Adm 6/6 (note: Later called Peter Lee Stirling & the Bruisers - Hit - Sad, lonely & Blue 1964)
Oct 2 The Zombies
The Escorts
James King and the Farinas
She's not there night Adm 5/-
3 Jimmy Nicol and the Shub Dubs
The Jynx
The Telstars
Stand in for Ringo Night Adm. 6/6
8 Wrestling
9 The Dennisons
The Rebounds
The Trykons
All Star Night Adm. 5/-
10 The Honeycombs
The Stilettos
Tom Thumb and the Fingers
Have I the Right Night Adm. 10/-
16 The Barron Knights and Duke D'Mond
Grant Tracey and the Sunsets
The Dominators
Local Lads Night Adm. 5/-
17   The Tornadoes
Mal Ryder and the Spirits
The King Snakes
New Sound Night Adm. 6/6
22 Wrestling
23 The John Barry Seven
Dave Curtis and the Tremors
Firing Squad
Hot Pot Night Adm. 5/-
24 Julie Grant and the Deacons
The Other Two and the Herd
The Cornflakes
Come to me Night Adm. 7/-
30 The Dixie Cups backed by the Tornadoes
The Fairies
The Bumps in the Night
Special from USA Adm. 7/-
31 The Hollies
Freddie Fingers Lee and The Shreekers
The Chequers
We've got them by golly Adm. 9/-
Nov 8 Wrestling
9 Peter Jay and the Jaywalkers
Earl Sheridan and the House Shakers
Kit and the Saracens
Baby, Baby where did our love go Adm 5/6
10 The Marauders
The Mule Skinners
The Skyliners
Hot Pop Night Adm. 6/6
13 The Federals
Russ Sainty & the Nu-Notes
The Knight Errants
Star Night Adm. 5/-
14 The Original Checkmates
Dave Dee and the Bostons
The Craxmen
Hot Pop Night Adm. 6/6
19 Wrestling
20 Wayne Fontana and the Mindbenders
Due to circumstance beyond our control Wayne Fontana and the Mindbenders will not be appearing at the California Ballroom on Friday November 20th but will be replaced by Heinz and the Wild Boys
Shane and the Shane Gang
The Sneakers
Hm Hm Hm Adm. 5/-
21 Brenda Lee with the John Barry 7
Brian Something and the Whatsits
The Consorts
Miss Dynamite in person Adm. 10/6

End of an era. This night Edwin Green passed away
The Who This would have been a Wednesday. The date is listed in the Who Concert Guide
27 The Fortunes
The Washington DCs
G.T.Phillips and the Stormville Shakers
Big Beat Night Adm 5/-
28 The Rocking Berries
Frankenstein and the Monsters
The Puppets
He's in town Adm 6/6
Dec 3 Wrestling
4 The Fleereckers
Brian Noble and the Sapphires
Big Beat Night Adm. 5/-
5 Lee Stirling and the Bruisers
The Four Runners
Mike Dean and the Kinsmen
Top Pop Night Adm 6/6
11 The Nashville Teens
The Sonics
The Hustlers
Google Eye Adm. 6/-
12 The Pickwicks
The Fleereckers
Kit and the Saracens
Return visit Adm. 6/6
17 Wrestling
18 Marty Wilde and the Wild Cats
The Contrasts
The Nightshades
Hot Pop Night Adm 5/-
19 Johnny Kidd and the Pirates
The Stilettos
Geoff Moule and the Diggers
Whole lot of Loving Adm 7/-
20 Bumper Bingo of the year Doors open 6pm
24 Russ Sainty & The Nu Notes
The Fleereckers
Fernando & the Hide-a-ways
Grand Christmas Eve Dance Adm 5/-
26 The Barron Knights and Duke D'Mond
Bryan and the Hangmen
Yensons Trolls
Adm 7/6
31 The Four Pennies
The Symobols (sic)
The Barristers
The Shakles
Adm 10/6

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