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If you find you are unable to read the information on this site as the text is too small, or if the text is too large, you can change the size using your browser. Most, if not all browsers have a View option on the toolbar at the top. Within the menu that drops down when you click, there will be another option called Text Size or something similar. If you select that option you will get a list of things you can do. This site has been designed to resize as gracefully as possible with all selected sizes however it may not render at its best with the huge fonts.

Now a warning, although this should work on anything you are viewing, some web sites have been built with a fixed text size and will not change no matter what you do.

And another warning..... if you share your computer with somebody else, make sure you put the text size back before you switch off or they'll think they have something seriously wrong with them.


Web-sites and the things they contain will look different at different sizes (resolution) and colour depths. This site has been designed to render in all current browsers and at all resolutions from 800 x 600 upwards. Any less than this and, although the page will still render, areas may overlap each other. You can change your screen settings as follows:

For Windows:
These settings are found in Windows - Control Panel - Display. 
Go to Start Button - Settings - Control Panel - Display, or Right click on your Windows Desktop and and select "Properties" from the drop-down menu.
Choose the Settings tab. from the top of the Display Properties pop-up menu. 
Check the display resolution indicated by the "Screen Area" slider and adjust the resolution by dragging the slider to at least 800x600 pixels. You can set the colour and screen size to what you prefer.

For Macintosh:
Minimize your browser. Open the "Apple" drop-down menu.
Select "Control Panels" and open "Monitors & Sound."
Check the display resolution setting highlighted in the "Resolution" box.
If necessary, adjust the resolution by clicking on the new setting.


A Browser is what you're using right now to view this Web page. Most likely it is Microsoft Internet Explorer, but it may be FireFox, Opera, Mozilla, Safari, Netscape any number of other options including text only browsers, screen readers or AOL's own browser.

Some multimedia movies and games will only run on the newest version of your visual browser. If you are using an older version of Internet Explorer or any of the other makes, why not upgrade to the latest version? It’s easy to update, and it’s free. Go to the makers web pages and you will find a link to their downloads. We recommend Firefox which can be downloaded free of charge from the Mozilla web site


If you are having trouble viewing updated pages you may need to 'REFRESH' the page. If you are using Internet Explorer, click on the refresh button on the top toolbar. 

The refresh button looks like this  image of the toolbar refresh button

or, you may use the key presses CTRL + F5

If you are using some older versions of AOL you may need to press the shift button (up arrow on keyboard) and 'reload' the entire page.

In Internet Explorer you can change the settings so that the page refreshes each time you access it:
From the browser menu choose Tools - Options and you will see the Internet Options window.
Click the 'settings' button which you see under the 'Temporary Internet Files'
Check the radio button to check for newer versions of stored pages "every visit to the page"


While you are browsing the Internet, your computer stores the web pages you access as Temporary Internet Files. You should occasionally empty the 'cache' or Temporary Internet Files folder as they take up space in your hard-disk. It is perfectly safe to delete any files in your Temporary Internet Files folder.

From within Internet Explorer:
From the browser menu choose Tools - Options and you will see the Internet Options window.
Click the 'delete files' button which you see under the 'Temporary Internet Files' 

From Windows
Go to Start Button - Programs - Accessories - System Tools - Disk Cleanup


Pop-up Images:   We no longer use pop-up images of any kind on this site to ensure that all visitors can access the content regardless of whether they have JavaScript or not. I have left these instructions here to assist anyone who has found this page via a search engine and needs to know how to enable or disable scripting:

1. Web browsers: (programs used to look at web sites on the internet) have settings to allow or disallow JavaScript. Set your browser to allow JavaScript in order to see pop-up product images:

In Microsoft Internet Explorer:

Choose "Tools | Internet Options"
Then choose "Security"
Setting security to "Medium" will allow JavaScript.  
Or, you can choose "Custom Settings" and then scroll down near the bottom of the settings and choose to Enable the various "Scripting" options.


In latest Netscape:

Choose "Edit | Preferences"
then choose "Advanced"
Then "Scripts and Plug-ins" then click the "Allow Javascript" box

2. Pop-up Stoppers: Some computer users have a program which prevents Pop-up windows. Such programs are often used to stop annoying pop-up advertisements. This web site does not have pop-up ads. If you are using such pop-up prevention software, you will need to exit from that program, or temporarily disable the stop pop-up windows feature of the program if you go to other sites where pop-ups are the norm.

How To Delete Cookies and Clear the Cache

Internet Explorer

  1. Click on Tools --> Internet Options
  2. On the General tab, click the Delete Cookies button.
  3. A box will pop up reading, "Delete all cookies in the Temporary Internet Files folder?".  Click OK.
  4. Click on the Delete Files button.
  5. A box will pop up reading, "Delete all files in the Temporary Internet Files?".  Click OK
  6. Click the Clear History button
  7. A box will pop up reading, "Are you sure you want Windows to delete your history of visited websites?" Click Yes
  8. Click OK at the bottom of the box.

Netscape Navigator

  1. Make sure all Netscape windows are closed
  2. Double-click the My Computer icon on the desktop
  3. Double-click the C: drive icon
  4. Double-click the Programs Files folder
  5. Double-click the Netscape folder
  6. Double-click the Users folder
  7. Double-click the folder with your username (i.e.--jsmith01).
  8. Click once on the Cookies icon to highlight it
  9. Press the Delete key on your keyboard.
  10. When asked to confirm if you would like to delete the file.  Click Yes.
  11. Your cookies are now deleted
  12. To clear the cache, open Netscape Navigator and log in
  13. Click on Edit, Preferences
  14. On the left-hand side of the box, double-click on Advanced.
  15. Click on Cache below Advanced
  16. In the right-hand side, click the Clear Memory Cache button.
  17. A box will pop up reading, "This will remove all files currently in your memory cache.  Continue?".  Click OK
  18. Click the Clear Disk Cache button
  19. A box will pop up reading, "This will remove all files currently in your disk cache.  Continue?".  Click OK
  20. Click OK at the bottom of the box.

Later versions of Netscape allow you to click Tools and Cookie Manager

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Click on the Tools option on the top toolbar
  2. In the dropdown menu select Options
  3. In the pop-up box click on Privacy
  4. You will see a list of items stored on your computer when browsing the Internet. All of these items can be safely deleted.
  5. To remove all cached pages, select the clear button next to cache
  6. To remove all cookies, select the clear button next to cookies


If you cannot see one or two pictures but others are there, this may be caused by:

  1. Me forgetting to load the pictures to the server - please email me and let me know what's missing
  2. The pictures can be very large and may take a while to load if you are on dial-up

If however you can't see any of the pictures then it is probable that you have some sort of security software on your computer which is blocking the images. This is most likely Norton Internet Security. There is an explanation of why this happens and what to do about it HERE. If this doesn't solve the problem then please email me and I will look into it.

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