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A bit of background......

I set this site up in 2003 as a memorial to Bruce Benson. At the time there was no other recognition of him, even his grave had no marker. I then discovered that Mick Ilka had also died so I added a page for him. The site grew and soon there were a lot of visitors. Along with those visitors came three attempts to persuade me to shut the site down. One was a cash buyout offer, the other two were threats.

I took legal advice and was told to register the name as a trademark to protect it. As a courtesy to the last owner, Bill Seymour, I asked if there would be any objections and there weren't so the process was started. The trademark sits in category 41, electronic publications but it also includes events and entertainment so when people began to ask to use the name at gigs around the country, I found I was covered for those as well.
In order to keep all of this on a legal footing I have set up an application form for those who wish to license the trademark for their own use.
There are rules and these are there to protect not only the name but also ensure that the paying public are guaranteed the quality and voracity of what they are paying for.

The rules..........

You are not authorised to use our trademarks until:

1) you receive a fully executed Trademark License Agreement,
2) your products and graphics have been approved,
3) you have provided our office with evidence of liability insurance

Please note: If the product you require the license for is an event, you will need to provide evidence of the employment of at least two verified California Ballroom Disk Jockeys along with a guarantee that they will attend. In the event that one does not attend, due to illness or other unforeseen circumstance, you must have made provision for a suitable backup.

On completion of the agreements, your license will be registered with the Patent Office against our trademark

You may download a copy of the application form in PDF format below. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open it, alternatively you can contact us and request another format


California Ballroom Trade Mark

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California Ballroom is a registered trademark

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