Confirmed events are indicated by a
Events are only confirmed if printed evidence is available, i.e.. Magazine, Advert, Ticket, Poster etc. or if verified by two independent sources. Internet sourced dates are not classed as evidence due to errors being copied from site to site.
All acts are listed exactly as they appeared in the advert.
It will be noted that in the early years, some of the more famous bands had differing names and may have been lower on the bill. This usually means that they were, as yet, relatively unknown.
Additional information and corrections to this list are more than welcomed.

All the gigs and events at the California Ballroom during 1965

Date Valid Event Comments
Jan 1 The Kinks
Linda Laine and the Sinners
The Panthers
All day and all the night Adm 10/-
2 G.T. Phillips and the Stormville Shakers
Mike Dean and the Kinsmen
The Midnights
Big Beat Night Adm. 6/6
5 Wrestling
8 Johnny Childs and the Elders Consolidated
The Clearways
The Challengers
Big Beat Night Adm. 5/-
9 The Takers
The Fenmen
The Witnesses
Top Pop Night Adm. 6/6
14 Wrestling
15 The Poets
The Wackers
The Dominators
Big Beat Night Adm. 5/-
16 Billy J Kramer and The Dakotas
The Mark 4
The Reasons
Top Pop Night Adm 7/6
22 Wayne Fontana and the Mindbenders
The Twilights
The Avengers
Hm Hm Hm Adm 5/6
23 Bern Elliot & the Klan
The King Snakes
The Vibratones
Big Beat Night Adm 5/6
28 Wrestling
29 The Takers
The Classmates
Eddie Falcon & the Fournotes
Big Beat Night Adm5/-
Feb 5 The Marauders
The Stringbeats
The Prowlers
Big Beat Night Adm. 5/-
6 Band of Angels
The Johnnie Cousins Combo
The Half Dozen
Top Pop Night Adm 6/6
11 Wrestling
12 Russ Sainty & the Nu Notes
The Debutantes
The Whispering Four
Big Beat Night Adm. 5/-
13  Screaming Lord Sutch
The Cheetahs
The Five Just Men
Top Pop Night Adm7/6
19 The Lancastrians
George and the Rave Ons
Fernando & the Hide-a-ways
Big Beat Night Adm 5/-
20 Simon Scott & Group
The Emeralds
The Allens
Top Pop Night Adm. 6/6
25 Wrestling
26 The Hollies
The Bowstreet Runners
Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich
The Jaguars
All Star Night Adm7/6
27 (Ex Searcher) Tony Jackson and the Vibrators
The Sorrows
Kit & the Saracens
Top Pop Night Adm7/-
Mar 5 The Downlands & The Soundtracks
Bryan and the Brunelles
The Mantis Set
Top Pop Night Adm 5/-
6 Joe Brown and the Bruvvers
The Riot Squad
Yensons Trolls
All Star Night Adm8/-
11 Wrestling
12 The Cherokees
Terry Judge and the Barristers
The Kingsways
Top Pop Night Admission 5/-
13 The Knives & Forks
The Apex Group
The Triads
Big Beat Night Admission 6/6d
19 The Ivy League
Dave Curtis and the Tremors
The Plainsmen
Funny how love can be Admission 7/6
20 The Searchers
Fleur De Lyes
The Nomads
Goodbye my love Admission 10/-
25 Wrestling
26 Russ Sainty and the Nu-Notes
Grant Tracey & the Sunsets
The Washington D.Cs
Top Pop Night Admission 5/-
27 The Lynx
Mike Dean and the Kinsmen
The Les Fauves
Big Beat Night Admission 6/6
Apr 2 Zoot Money's Big Roll Band
Mal Ryder & The Spirits
The Ricochets
Admission 5/-
This was listed as Mel Ryder
3 Brian Poole and the Tremeloes
The Modern Blues Six
The Rebounds
Admission 8/-
9 The Escorts
Geoff Curtis and the Flames
The Beaux Maverix
Admission 5/-
10 The 4 Pennies
Tony Rivers and the Casterways
The Cannibals Soultet
Admission 7/6
15 The Nashville Teens
The Fenmen
The Nightshades
17 P J Proby and the Proby Orchestra
Blues By Five
The Midnights
Admission 12/-
23 The Beat Merchants
The Echo's
Tom Thumb and the Fourfingers
Admission 5/-
24 Johnny Kid and the Pirates
Russ Sainty and the
Geoff Mole and the Diggers
Admission 7/-
30 The Classmates
Johnny Flood and the Trespassers
The Kingsnakes
Admission 5/-
May 1 Beau Brummell and his Noblemen
The Downsiders
The Ricochets
Admission 6/6
7 The Symbols
The Shin-Digs
Johnny Kaye and the Kossaks
Admission 5/-
8 The Mule Skinners
The Sons of Adam
The Yenson Trolls
Admission 6/6
14 The Hollies
Half Dozen
The Dominators
Admission 7/6
15 The Undertakers
The Wreckers
C.C. and the Riders
Admission 6/6
21 The Manish Boys
Bryan Diamond and the Cutters
Simon St. Just
Admission 5/-
22 Manfred Mann
The Niteshades
The Sneakers
Admission 8/6
28 The Checkmates
Beat Six
Tom Thumb and the Four Fingers
Admission 5/-
29 The Merseybeats
Dave Curtis and the Tremors
The Bumps in the Night
Admission 7/6
Jun 4 The Mark Four
The Herd
Keith Conway and the Aristokats
Admission 5/-
5 The Pickwicks
The Apex Group
The Yes and No
Admission 6/6
11 The Persuations (sic)
Shane & the Shane Gang
Billy Storm & the original Falcons
Top Pop Night Admission 5/-
12 The Fourmost
The Tramps
The Vivas
Big Beat Night Adm7/6
17 Wrestling
18 Screaming Lord Sutch & the Savages
The Prowlers
The Knight Errants
Big Beat Night Adm 5/-
19 Lulu & the Luvvers
The Downlands & Soundtracks
The Whispering Four
Top Pop Night Adm. 6/6
25 Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich Big Beat Night Adm5/-
26 The Fenmen
Justin Tyme
The Artwoods
The Sorrows
The Dyaks
Top Pop Night Adm 6/6
July 1 Wrestling
2 The Birds
The Meddy Evils
The Shames
Big Beat Night Adm. 5/-
3 The Fairies
Terry Judge & the Barristers
The Chequers
Top Pop Night Adm6/6
9 The In Crowd
Jimmy Royal & the Hawks
The Symbols
Top Pop Night Adm6/6
10 The Washington DCs
The Shevelles
Jean & the Statesides
Big Beat Night Adm. 6/6
15 Wrestling
16 Tony Rivers & the Castaways
The Mark Leeman Five
The Dennisons
Top Pop Night Adm 5/-
17 The Animals
The Apex Group
Yensons Trolls
All Star Night Adm. 8/6
23 Trendsetters Ltd
The Classmates
The Saracens
Real Rave Night Adm 5/-
24 Guy Hamilton & the Sensations
Sonny Childs & the Elders Consolidated
plus supporting Group
All Sorts Night No price given
29 Wrestling
30 Hipster Image
Karl Stewart & the Profile
Hells Aliens
Rock Nite Adm. 5/-
31 The Measles
Mike Dean & the Kinsmen
The Tykes
All Sorts Night Adm 6/6
Aug 6 The Cherokees
Dean Ford & the Gaylords
The Reasons
All Sorts Night Adm 5/-
7 The Moody Blues
The Downlanders & Soundtracks
The Fab Beats
All Star Night Adm 7/6
13 Zoot Money's Big Roll Band
Bern Elliott & the Klan
The Tribe
Rave Night Adm5/-
14 P.J. Proby
The Saracens
The Consorts
Nite of all nites Adm10/-
20 The Merseybeats
The Sweet & Lovelies
Fernandos Hide-a-ways
Beat Nite Adm5/-
21 Cops 'n' Robbers
The Johnny Cousin Combo
XXX Adm5/-
26 Wrestling
27 The Fourmost
The Beat Six
The Notes
28 Graham Bond Organisation
Guy Darrell with the Wind of Change
The Modern Blue Six
30 Cliff Bennett and the Rebel Rousers
The Mark Leeman Five
Heinz and the Wild Boys
Three Star Special Adm6/6
Sep 3 The Who
Mike Sheridan & the Nightriders
The Vivas
4 Manfred Mann
Simon & the Surreys
The Essex Five
9 Wrestling
10 Spencer Davis Group
The Soundtrekkers
Blues by Five
Adm. 6/6
11 The Walker Brothers
The Peddlers
The Blues Breakers
17 The Barron Knights
Rick & the Voodoos
The Shames
18 Goldie and the Gingerbreads
The Rocking Chairs
Yensons Trolls
23 Wrestling
24 Tony Jackson and the Vibrators
Bobbie Jean & those Scots Boys
The Stringbeats
25 Brian Poole & the Tremeloes
Hamilton King Blues Messengers
The En-devers Ltd
Oct 1   The Rockin' Berries Adm
2   Johnny Kidd and the Pirates Adm
? The After 10 Casino Club opened Membership only (free) Opened early October - prior to the 10th, possibly 7th
8   Lulu and the Luvvers
The Sorrows
9 The Yardbirds
unconfirmed date from Chrome Oxide web site. Their source not recorded.
Yardbirds March 4, 1965 to June 20, 1966 Lineup 3
Keith Relf - vocals/harp
Jeff Beck - lead guitar
Chris Dreja - rhythm guitar
Paul Samwell-Smith - bass guitar
Jim McCarty - drums
15 Them
The Ginger Tom People
Adm 6/6
Info from Trevor Williams (TGTP)
16   The Honeycombs plus supporting acts Adm 8/6
22   The Animals Adm 6/6
23 Billy Fury supported by the Cortinas Confirmed by Paul Griggs of the Cortinas but  advertised as The King Snakes.
29   The Moody Blues Adm
30   The Measles Adm 6/6
 Nov 5   The Ying Tongs Adm 6/6
  6   Tom Jones Adm. 8/6
  12   The Kinks Adm. 7/6
  13 Saturday Morning Tots & Teens Club Started. 10.30am - 12.30pm for 8-14 year olds. Cost 1/6
  13 Sir Douglas Quintet Adm. 8/6
  19   Loose Ends Adm. 6/6
  20 The Honeycombs
Mike Dean and the Kinsmen
Adm. 8/6
22 The Candlelight Club starts Every Monday. Free Taxis from West Street. Before 8 Admission 2/-, after 8 Admission 2/6 Discs, Three Groups, Prizes
  26 The Nashville Teens
plus two supporting Groups
Adm 6/6
  27 The Link
Adm 6/6
Dec 3 The Art Woods
Boz and Boz People
plus support
4 Cliff Bennett and the Rebel Rousers
plus two supporting groups
6 Candlelight Club- Beat Nite
Personal appearance of The Silkie
Adm 2/- or 2/6
7 All England Beat Contest Adm 2/6 contact Rodney 9987
8 Bingo
10 The Ying Tongs
plus two supporting groups
11 The Symbols
plus two supporting groups
12 Bingo
13 Personal appearance by Billy Walker
16 Wrestling
17 Saturday Morning Teens Club Admission had risen to 3/6
17 Roulettes plus two supporting groups Adm5/-
18 Georgie Fame and the Blue Flames
plus two supporting groups
24 Brian Poole and the Tremeloes Adm7/6
26 Zoot Money's Big Roll Band Adm7/6
30 Wrestling
31 Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky Mick & Tich
The Fenmen
Mike Sheridan's Lot

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