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It will be noted that in the early years, some of the more famous bands had differing names and may have been lower on the bill. This usually means that they were, as yet, relatively unknown.
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All the gigs and events at the California Ballroom during 1969

Date Valid Event Comments
Jan 4 The Katch 22
11 Junior Walker & the All Stars
with Killing Floor
sent in by Mick Clarke of Killing Floor
18 Amen Corner
25 Moody Blues
Feb 1 No adverts in any papers
8 Georgie Fame with Killing Floor sent in by Mick Clarke of Killing Floor
15 The Casuals
22 The Foundations
Mar 1 The Herd with Killing Floor sent in by Mick Clarke of Killing Floor
8 The G-Clefs
15 Love Affair
22 Ben E King
28 Gentlemen's Night Out
Danny Rae presents
Girls, Comedians, Novelty Acts
Adm 10s
29 Marv Johnson
Apr 5 J.J. Jackson with the Greatest Little Soul Band in the World
12 No adverts in any papers
19 Long John Baldry
The Tract
26 Johnny Johnson & The Bandwagon
Soft Sensation
May 3 Oscar Toney
Cash Box
10 Bob & Earl
First Back from Heaven
13 Bedfordshire Blues Festival Part 2
Chicken Shack
Duster Bennett
Doc K's Blues Band
17 Harmony Grass
(formerly Tony Rivers and the Castaways)
Spirit Grass
24 Jefferson Formerly with the Rockin' Berries
30 Fantastic All-American Blues Show featuring Howlin' Wolf, Freddie King, John Dummer Blues Band and Killing Floor Ooooh! Somebody's telling porkies! check out the Howlin Wolf page for the low-down.
31 Geno Washington & The Ram Jam Band
Virgin Hearse
June 7 Jimmy James & the Vagabonds
Rainbow Ffolly
The Connection
14 Sam the Sham and the Pharoahs
20th Century Sound
The Cashbox
21 J.J. Jackson with the Greatest Little Soul Band in the World
More + More
White Mule
28 Spooky Tooth
July 5 No adverts in any papers
12 The
Pussyfoot Tram
Greenfield Hammer
19 Jimmy Ruffin
plus others
26 The Crystals
Inorganic Confusion
Paper Lemon
Aug 2 Johnny Johnson & the Bandwagon
The Sun
First Back from Heaven
9 The Freddie Mac Show
16 "Bonzo Dog" Combo
The You Know Who
23 Marsha Hunt
White Trash
30 Love Affair
Sep 6 Jimmy James & the Vagabonds
Attic Express
Paper Lemon
13 Fat Mattress
20 Freddie Mack Extravaganza
First Back form Heaven
27 Desmond Dekker and the Aces
Oct 4 Ben E King
11 Lee Dorsey
Greenfield Hammer
Marc Britton Show
18 Harmony Grass
Orange Seaweed
25 Marv Johnson
Nov 1 Ben E King
Greenfield Hammer
Gemeni (think this was Gemini)
8 Arthur Conley
First Back from Heaven
The Virgin Hearse
15 Jacky Edward
22 Alan Bown
Marc Britton Show
29 Percy Sledge
Lindal's Nation
Paper says Percy Fledge
Dec 6 The Upsetters
13 Desmond Dekker and the Aces
plus 2 supporting acts
20 The Move
plus 2 supporting acts
24 Christmas Eve Show
Jimmy James and the Vagabonds
Freddie Mac Show
Lloyd Williams Soul Caravan
26 Party Disco
27 Pyramids This group evolved into Symarip and their single "Skinhead Moonstomp" hit the charts in 1970
picture of medal Killing Floor

Honourable mention

for the band who played the Cali as support band ten times
in 68 & 69

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